[Pythonmac-SIG] Plotting Packages (What's MacPython missing?)

Louis M. Pecora pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Wed Oct 15 16:11:07 EDT 2003

>I also used to use graphite/piddle for my graphics, but found another package which work very nicely: PyX.  Look on sourceforge.
>PyX takes only very minor tweaking to get its setup.py to work.  An important point of PyX is that it uses TeX for its text rendering, and so produces very pretty graphs very easily.  It typically takes only about 1/10th the tweaking that graphite did to get beautiful output.  However, because it uses TeX, it is a little slow, since each graph produced requires it to run TeX via a pipe.  Realistically, this only takes a few seconds typically, even on my ancient 233MHz beige G3 at home, so it isn't too bad.  Since I use the fink LaTeX
>package, I need to do:
>setenv CFLAGS -I/sw/include
>setenv LDFLAGS -L/sw/lib
>before running setup.py to get it to work properly, since it doesn't automatically look for fink packages.
>You might want to try it out.
>Marcus Mendenhall

Thanks, Marcus.  This is good news.  I still use Piddle, but in the system 9 'subspace' while running OS X.  I'd like to move Python into the OS X world, but haven't found a replacement for Piddle (nice package, really, but neglected, it seems).



Lou Pecora

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