[Pythonmac-SIG] What's MacPython missing?

bugs bugbee at seanet.com
Thu Oct 16 02:03:51 EDT 2003


>> PS:  Did M2Crypto make the list?
> I just got M2Crypto to compile.. I had to hack the SWIG .i files and
> remove a lot of "const", add the rc5 methods and remove the aes
> methods.. but I can put that in my Package Manager repository and post
> the modified source later today.

Interesting.  That should work.

I sense you built m2crypto-0.12-snap1 for Py2.3 to access Apple's 
OpenSSL 0.9.6i (Feb 19 2003), and if that's the case, you may want to 
so note in the install doc.  I say that because I found messing with 
OpenSSL can be just that....  messy.

If one is not careful, you can get dragged into having to fix a string 
of other dependencies on Apple's OpenSSL 0.9.6x.  I wanted AES so I 
built m2crypto-0.12 for py23 to use OpenSSL 0.9.7c (30 Sep 2003) which 
I built and installed in /usr/local.  ...and then built my M2Crypto 
around that.

FWIW, I never got distutils/setup.py to emit the include files on the 
swig command line.  I did some poking around and it seems there is a 
bug in lib/distutils/build_ext.py (at about line 531).  Attempts to mod 
setup.py to include swig dirs fails.  The dirs are not seen by 
build_ext.py, the dirs it does see are wrong, and NO include dirs make 
it to the swig command line.  The workaround, fixing and running 
Makefile.osx, was successful.  It sounds like we may be ready for 
distutils2.  :-)



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