[Pythonmac-SIG] PackMan issues

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Thu Oct 30 19:43:42 EST 2003

It would be great if you guys could update the pythonmac.org wiki with 
these comments.. the appropriate section is:

It's pretty well known that PackageManager is missing a lot of useful 
features, and we're trying to figure out what we need in the next 
version before we start writing it.


On Oct 30, 2003, at 7:30 PM, W.T. Bridgman wrote:

> Tom,
> I second this.  I'm in a similar situation with fast connections at 
> work and a slow one at home.
> I've tried PM a few times after it's initial release.  One complaint 
> is that it doesn't report the size of the package so you can tell if 
> it's practical to update over a slow connection.  I think I waited 
> quite a while for the documentation package to install.
> I often retrieve the disk images & tarballs at work for building at 
> home from sources.  Also, I have root privileges on my home systems 
> but only sudo limited access at work.
> Tom
> On Thursday, October 30, 2003, at 05:42  PM, Tom Loredo wrote:
>> Hi folks-
>> I love the package manager, but would like to raise the following
>> issues (possible bug; feature requests):
>> When I try to use PM at Bob I's pimp site, the list of packages is
>> larger than the window.  I can scroll down to see the bottom part of
>> the list, but as soon as I release the scrollbar it immediately 
>> scrolls
>> back up to the top of the list.  Thus many of his packages are
>> inaccessible.  This is using MacPy2.3 on OS 10.2.6 on a G4 Quicksilver
>> and on a G3 Powerbook.
>> My G4 is at home with a dialup connection; my G3 I can bring to
>> work with T3 access.  Having one machine with a slow net connection
>> is behind the following requests.
>> First, I'd love to see package size information in the PM window.
>> This way I can tell if it's realistic to download a package to
>> my G4 over my dialup connection.
>> Second, I'd love to see useful progress info on the download and
>> installation.  If I check "verbose," PM tries to produce this,
>> but unfortuately the resulting text window update is too slow and
>> I'll typically not see *any* of the progress lines until the
>> download is complete, at which point the window happily shows
>> me every status line from the start to 100%.
>> Finally, I'd love for there to be a way to save a package locally
>> in a way allowing it to be moved to another machine and installed
>> via PM there.  Perhaps I can just sync the site-packages
>> directories on both machines, but I don't know if some of the
>> packages have other side effects.  Is this feasible?  Ideally
>> I'd like to grab the packages on my G3 at work, and install them
>> on my G4 at home.  I suppose I could do it directly with distutils,
>> but it would be neat if PM could do this.

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