[Pythonmac-SIG] Off-topic : /dev/tcp

Philippe de Rochambeau philippe at wwphi.net
Tue Mar 30 15:50:59 EST 2004


sorry to have waisted your fellows' time for nothing. I just wanted to 
learn yet another way to fetch data from the Web. Here's the code. It 
is a lot more primitive than the equivalent python code, of course. It 
works on macosx.




shopt -o -s nounset

declare LINE
declare -rx SCRIPT=${0##*/}

printf "Connecting to host\n"
exec 3<> /dev/tcp/www.apple.com/80

printf "Sending request to host\n"
printf "%s HTTP/1.0\r\n" "GET /" >&3
printf "Accept: text/html, text/plain\r\n" >&3
printf "Accept-Language: en\r\n" >&3
printf "User-Agent: %s (Bash Script)\r\n" "$SCRIPT" >&3
printf "\r\n" >&3

printf "Receiving page\n"
printf "%s\n" "----------------"
while read LINE <&3 ; do
	printf "%s\n" "$LINE"

exit 0


On 30 mars 04, at 22:03, Cameron Laird wrote:

>> From pythonmac-sig-bounces at python.org Tue Mar 30 14:44:53 2004
>> 		.
>> 		.
>> 		.
>> The book "Linux shell scripting with Bash" says that you can open
>> network connections with /dev/tcp as in
>> exec 3<> /dev/tcp/localhost/80
>> The author then gives an example in shell script of how to use 
>> /dev/tcp
>> to connect to a webserver.
>> I just wanted to investigating this as an alternative to a Python +
>> httplib + wxWindows script which I wrote.
>> 		.
>> 		.
>> 		.
> Oh, *that*; I would have summarized that in quite different words.
> I'm far more often involved in moving people from *sh to Python,
> rather than the other way around.  Let's give this a try, though.
> Anyway, /dev/tcp isn't a "real" inode, it's just a syntax bash and
> ksh use for networking.  So, if I understand you correctly, you
> want to do a bit of socket programming under MacOS X with bash.
> Well, that's easy enough ... no, wait; is all you want to script
> downloading of a few http: documents?  I think there's an even
> easier way to achieve that.

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