[Pythonmac-SIG] Debugging a MacPython Carbon module from CW9?

Jay Koutavas jay at heynow.com
Tue May 11 21:06:24 EDT 2004

Thanks for the reply Jack.

Oddly enough, the breakpoints would end up taking if I opened the MSL 
projects before trying to run the debug. It's kinda weird, but it 


At 2:13 PM +0200 on 5/10/04, Jack Jansen wrote:

>On 8-mei-04, at 6:29, Jay Koutavas wrote:
>>Hi folks.
>>The product I'm developing for requires I do some implementation 
>>using MacPython 2.2.3 running on Carbon (it's got the 
>>GUSI2-for-Carbon package). (Not on 2.3 because the customer's 
>>extensive crossplatform python code base is 2.2 dependent) (and not 
>>native OS X Python cuz it has to run on Mac OS 9 too.)
>>The client's application embeds python via PythonCoreCarbon and 
>>through various .py files imports a few dozen modules of their 
>>devising, some are C++-based shared libraries. There's a bug in one 
>>of these shared libraries, and for the life of me, I'm not getting 
>>my breakpoint to stick in the shared library so I can have a look. 
>>I've added the shared library to 'Other Executables' in the main 
>>app's settings, which works great for debugging the 
>>PythonCoreCarbon shared library, but doesn't do much of anything 
>>for debugging module shared libs. Of course I have the module's 
>>shared library project file open at launch/debug time. But alas, no 
>What I used to do (but this was a couple of CodeWarriors ago) was 
>setting the "hosting application" (or some such term, I don't have 
>CW on this machine so can't check) for the dynamic module to Python. 
>Then, when you press the run button (in the debugger for the dynamic 
>module) it would start python and sit waiting for the module to be 
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