[Pythonmac-SIG] Using embedded python programs from DarwinPorts.

Robert White kranki at mac.com
Mon Nov 29 22:13:09 CET 2004

Excuse me for bringing up the following if it has previously been
discussed and I missed it.

Recently, I started using DarwinPorts again to install
some programs that I like to have around.  However, I noticed that
several programs that embed Python force an installation of python
2.3.4 into DarwinPorts for MacOSX 10.3.6 rather than just using the
built-in python.

So, in the case of Glom, XChat2 and cvs2svn, I started researching
how to change the appropriate autoconf et al files to properly link to
or set up in the builtin Python.  (Probably, mostly m4 macros)
In doing that I contacted two different Port Maintainers asking some
very basic questions.  One stated that "port" is smart enough to use
the builtin-Python Framework and not pull in the unix version
which is not my experience.  The other stated that "The darwinports
policy for both perl and python modules is to only use the
darwinports-provided versions of these languages.  The reason is
that doing something else would require installing files outside of
the darwinports prefix (which is /opt/local by default).".

While I find those comments to be justified, I am wondering if it would
not be possible to use the builtin version if one were to have their
own PYTHONPATH environment variable defined and otherwise
pull in a different version.  (I am probably wrong, but I think that
a PYTHONPATH variable addresses most of the problem especially
if it is pointing back into /opt/local somewhere.)

I know that this ultimately must be presented to the DarwinPorts
Group, but I know that several on this list are very active there
and may indicate to me that this is not a worthwhile investment
of my time.  So, I wanted to get your opinions first of whether I should
pursue this or not and if so, any gotchas that you might be aware of.

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