[Pythonmac-SIG] Problem with tkaqua Tkinter and some Kanji unicode values.

Read Roberts rroberts at adobe.com
Tue Nov 30 17:36:50 CET 2004

At 7:30 AM +0000 11/30/04, Paul Taka wrote:
>Thank you very much for your detailed answer, and telling me how to 
>list Tk font families.
>I'll try that.
>By the way, did you find an issue for this problem about displaying 
>some Kanji?
>And do you know some way to type Japanese with Mac IME into a Tk entry box?

There is a solution for the problems in displaying some Kanji. It 
exists in the form of a patch, so you need to download the Tk/Tcl 
sources, add the patch, and build the tk/Tcl libraries. the path is 
described at;
"[ 638966 ] Font rendering on MacOSX with ATSU"

Benjamin Riefenstahl  seems to be actively working on on this area, 
according to an earlier e-mail on this thread, so there may be better 
code for the patch in a few days or weeks

Tk does not yet work with Japanese IME's under Mac OS X ( it works 
fine with IME's under Windows). I would also very much like to see 
this fixed. The only work-around that I see is to write a separate 
bundle or dylib that puts up  UI for text entry using the Apple 
graphic UI  calls.  You might look on the the following news-lists. 
These are in Japanese, so I can't read them - please let me know if 
there is anything relevant.

>Motto Tcl/Tk", a Japanese-language site that appears to be devoted 
>to Tcl/Tk information generally. Fairly current.
>  * <http://www.interq.or.jp/japan/s-imai/tcltk/index.html>
>  * Has a list of "Japanese patches", referring to IMEs on Win and Unix
>    (but no Mac).
>"Tcl/Tk Japanese Team", a Sourceforge project to "translate 
>documents and develop patches to fix bugs in Japanese processing, 
>and also to develop new functionality for the Japanese environment." 
>  * Sourceforge project page <http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tcltkjp/>
>  * Sourceforge main page (stale) <http://sourceforge.jp/projects/tcltkjp/>
>  * Mailing list <tcltkjp-develop at lists.sourceforge.jp>
>  * Archive: <http://lists.sourceforge.jp/mailman/archives/tcltkjp-develop/>

- Read Roberts

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