[Pythonmac-SIG] How to tell if a .app is clicked again?

Chris Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 16 22:31:12 CEST 2005

Kevin Ollivier wrote:
> I can't answer the questions you posed below, as I do almost all of  my 
> Mac work with wxPython, but when I read about what you're trying  to do 
> I couldn't help but think that this is exactly what ActiveGrid  
> AppBuilder is for:
> http://www.activegrid.com
> Granted, it's wxPython and thus not as lightweight, but apps you  create 
> with it can be run locally on the user's machine or can be  deployed to 
> a server with their server components installed. It  allows you to use 
> SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, or PostGreSQL for the  database. It's also pretty 
> nice for point-and-click creation of full- fledged database apps, so the 
> apps are easy to customize. (See their  Petstore demo that comes with 
> the app.) Not sure what your exact  needs are, but this might be at 
> least worth a look if you haven't  seen it already.

No, I hadn't. It's a little hard to tell what the heck it really is from 
the web page..the usual marketing-speak, no mention of wx, for instance. 
However, these are our needs:

The web version needs to run on a basic browser, with not extra plug-ins 
or custom clients.

We'd like to make the stand-alone version share as much code as possible 
with the web version. That means the same GUI, which means it would run 
in a browser. It also needs to be a simple install, i.e. not MySQL + 
apache + our app. Activegrid really doesn't seem to provide this, but 
I'll look into it more.

While I'm talking to Kevin: The other idea I had was to use wxMozilla, 
to embed a browser in a wxPython app, then we could use the same code to 
generate all the HTML, and display the UI through wxMozilla, without 
having to use a client-server set up and http. This came up because 
apparently some Windows systems turn off all TCP/IP when the Ethernet 
cable is disconnected.

My question is: with wxMozilla, can you capture all the GET and/or POST 
events, so that you can essentially run a web app and browser all within 
one process?


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