[Pythonmac-SIG] system, popen, tarfile on OS X

Bill MacKenzie bmackenzie at avpress.com
Sat Mar 5 00:17:26 CET 2005


I'm preparing a script which will launch an external program (a JAR),  
process the XML file that results, tar the files output from the 
processed XML, and FTP the tarball to a remote location.

The middle and the end are just fine, but running the external program 
and tarring the results have me hung up.

I see system, popen and tarfile  available in the modules list, but not 
on the Mac version.

I need to be able to give the external (JAR) command line arguments 
based on the system clock.

I could adapt a Perl script that currently does this task, but where 
would be the fun in that?

I'm running OS X.3.7 and Python 2.3.

Thanks for your help.


Bill MacKenzie
Special Projects
Antelope Valley Press
bill.mackenzie at avpress.com

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