[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: More on stdin and python scripts in BBEdit and

Brendan Simons brendansimons at yahoo.ca
Sat Mar 5 23:44:09 CET 2005

> Martina Oefelein wrote:
>> just use pythonw instead of python.
>> ciao
>> Martina

Yup, I ran into the same issue with TextWrangler recently.   I wrote 
Bare Bones Software, and they gave me this hint:

Textwrangler and BBEdit launch python scripts with /usr/bin/python by 
default, with which, as you've discovered  'no user interaction is 
allowed'.  To allow your script to use gui elements, simply add:


to the top of your script.  The editor is smart enough to override it's 
default with the interpreter you specify in the #! line

Brendan SImons

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