[Pythonmac-SIG] Using Matplotlib interactive/GUI - How to?

Louis Pecora pecora at anvil.nrl.navy.mil
Mon Mar 7 20:42:41 CET 2005

Chris Barker wrote:

> Charles Moad wrote:
>> I don't think this file is ever explicitly made for you.  You can 
>> download a sample from his website, 
>> http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/.matplotlibrc.  Download this and 
>> put it in your home dir.
> Yes, there is one there by default:
> /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/share/matplotlib/.matplotlibrc 
> By the way, Lou, once you get Tkinter working right, I think the 
> version of matplotlib you got from me won't work with it. I think I've 
> got a version now that does, but I don't need it at the moment, and I 
> got distracted with other things. I was hoping Robert Kern would put 
> it out with MacEnthon soon, but he doesn't seem to have it released 
> yet. I've corresponded with him about it, and I think he's got it all 
> set to go, but I don't know where he's intending to put his stuff, or 
> when.
> If anyone wants a mpkg of matplotlib that works with wx, TK, and Agg, 
> let me know and I'll put one together, and give it to Bob to put on 
> his site. I'm not going to do a GTK one, as it doesn't make sense. If 
> you're using GTK, you're using fink or darwinports, and you should 
> install matplotlib through them.
> -Chris

Chris,  I got matplotlib working by installing wxPython.  It was a 
trivial install and seems to work well.  I just posted some other issues 
with matplotlib that I have.  They are not real problems, but rather 
questions about using matplotlib in a more interactive way. 


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