[Pythonmac-SIG] python make failing: "ImportError: No module named MacOS"

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Sat Mar 19 23:52:43 CET 2005

On Mar 19, 2005, at 5:34 PM, OpenMacNews wrote:

>> Most of the arguments you specify to configure  are already
>> on by default or have no effect.  The --prefix argument has  no 
>> effect, the
>> symlinks are hardcoded to be installed to  /usr/local/bin, and the 
>> framework
>> contains everything else.
> well, that's particularly annoying ...
> then why offer the --prefix arg in the first place?  just for 
> NON-framework installs?

Yes, --prefix is for non-framework installs.  If you read the docs for 
frameworks, you'll see that it's only "lightly tested" with an 
alternate path.  You may have more luck if you just use the defaults.  
The docs also say that you can move the framework later.

>> I'm not  totally sure that enable-toolbox-glue is
>> on by default, but I think it  is.  I used it anyway:
>> % mkdir -p ~/src/Python-2.4.1c1/_panther
>> % cd ~/src/Python-2.4.1c1/_panther
>> % ../configure \
>>      --enable-toolbox-glue \
>>      --enable-framework=/Users/bob/python-2.4.1c1/Frameworks
>> % make
>> % sudo make frameworkinstall
>> worked fine for me.
> ok, so something's missing on my system ... which is particularly odd 
> since its a clean/complete install.
> hmmmm ....
> anyone else, perhaps with ideas?  or should i take this over the the 
> dev list?

I doubt there's anyone on dev that would be able to help you that isn't 
also subscribed here.  You'll probably just have to wait, or dig deeper 
into the output of make to find out why MacOS isn't building, or isn't 
loading properly.

I suspect that you may have some weird environment variables set, maybe 
PYTHONPATH, maybe DYLD_*, etc.  You may also want to make sure that the 
MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET environment variable is set to 10.3.  The only 
thing I left out is that I have MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET set to 10.3 in 
my rc.


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