[Pythonmac-SIG] XML handler design

Henning.Ramm at mediapro-gmbh.de Henning.Ramm at mediapro-gmbh.de
Thu Mar 24 15:14:04 CET 2005

>> Is there a better syntax for self.__class__.__dict__[handler]?
>how about:
>		handler = getattr(self, str('_start_'+name),None)
># fetch the actual bound method
>		if handler is not None:
>			handler( attrs )

That's good, I think. Thank you.

>or something like that? I'm not sure why you're using the 
>__class__.__dict__ attributes in the first place, so maybe what I 
>suggest can't work.

I'm using it because I didn't knew better and it works. ;-)

Best regards,
Henning Hraban Ramm
Südkurier Medienhaus / MediaPro
Support/Admin/Development Dept.

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