[Pythonmac-SIG] Dabo and mysqldb

Mark Phillips mark at mophilly.com
Tue Mar 29 20:05:03 CEST 2005

I am trying to get Dabo up and running on MacOS 10.3.8. I have 
installed dabo and wxPython. I am tripping over mysqldb, being 
mysql-python-1.2.0. MySQL 4.x is installed and running. When I execute 
"setup.py build", I am getting a long series of errors that begin with
	sh: line 1: mysql_config: command not found
and continue with more shell and gcc errors.

I ran setup.py as "su" and not; no joy.

The Dabo readme states:
"The setup.py script uses mysql_config to find all compiler and linker 
options, and should work as is on any POSIX-like platform, so long as 
mysql_config is in your path."

I cannot find a file named "mysql_config".

Any links, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  - Mark

"I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy than a success at 
something I hate."  - George Burns

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