[Pythonmac-SIG] appscript and XXXX - what is my app instance returning?

me thestation at swfla.rr.com
Wed Mar 30 06:31:24 CEST 2005

I am having much fun with appscript and QuarkXpress6.x

The appscript module is such a fantastic piece of code.
It lets novices wander right into the thick of AppleScript
without requiring intimate knowledge of AppleScript's

Unfortunately, when you do get lost like I am.
You're completely lost.

Would someone please share their method for
figuring out what my app instance is returning,
and how I can coerce that into a form I can utilize?

In case you are not familiar with QuarkXpress,
it is a Professional Desktop Publishing App
with a completely object oriented element model.
Virtually every nuance of every element
of every document of every window is
exposed to AppleScript. Hence appscript
has a very rich playground to wrap.

I've tried using dir() and end up in endless loops
of auto-created stem code, with methods and classes
pointing everywhere. Wow, there is a LOT of it available
in layers like an onion. Too bad I am such a NOOB

other things I've tried. . .

Quark = appscript.app('QuarkXpress')
pw = Quark.documents[1].page_width   #This is what I want

 >>> type(pw)
<class 'appscript.specifier.Specifier'>

 >>> pw.get()
     <_AE.AEDesc object at 0x1181c38>

 >>> type(pw.get())
<type '_AE.AEDesc'>

 >>> pw.help()
Appscript Help (-t)

Reference: app(u'/Applications/QuarkXPress  

Description of reference

Property: page_width : k.horizontal_measurement (r/o) -- the width of a  
page in this document

Terminology for horizontal_measurement class

Class: horizontal_measurement --


OK, I think pw.get() returns an instance of a horizontal_measurement.
Where do I go from here?

Much Thanks

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