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Mark Phillips mark at mophilly.com
Wed Mar 30 16:49:41 CEST 2005

On Mar 29, 2005, at 2:56 PM, Lee Cullens wrote:

> Relative to my previous post : RE: SPE-OSX IDE with Python on Mac or 
> others?
> I'm leery of SPE, so maybe a more general recommendation - an IDE I 
> can "grow with" that has a significant user base, is still reasonably 
> maintained (maybe even evolving).  I'll work out how to integrate 
> Python scripts in Blender when I get to that point, but for now I need 
> to create modules (duh - text edit), debug, package and deliver on an 
> OS X platform.  It seems there should be a viable sandbox to work 
> within.  I'm aware of the Wing IDE but have not purchased it yet - I 
> don't know enough yet to know if is really worth it.

I recently asked a similar question. This seems to be a sticking point 
in the Python/Mac community. That is, several project were begun but 
appear to be stuck in the time/space continuum. The state of the art 
for Python developers on Mac is the old tool box, with few exceptions.

I have be playing with SPE. Nice concept but it does not quit cleanly 
and has other issues. xCode tools are pretty neat and tidy but I 
haven't tried to build anything not related to Cocoa with it.

wxDesigner looks pretty cool but is neither free nor an "IDE". Wing 
also looks pretty good but it is also a commercial endeavor. Generally 
I don't ming paying for tools but I don't like paying to find out 
whether a tool is worth the money. Toward that end I haven't heard much 
from developers about these. In the case of Wing, I haven't pursued 
it... if you form an opinion I would love to hear it.

Today I have been working with Dabo and wxGlade. Not to bad, after some 
personal growth regarding mysqldb.


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