[Pythonmac-SIG] Re: IDE recommendation

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Thu Mar 31 21:45:18 CEST 2005

In article <f4e1a4e880f8193787d462661980669d at mac.com>,
 Lee Cullens <lee_cullens at mac.com> wrote:

> Just an update Russel,
> I was getting bored going through the TextWrangler docs, and 
> remembering that I had not even looked at the SubEthaEdit docs when I 
> used it went back to check out what you said further.  First, of 
> course, such is something that can be set in the perfs and per 
> document.  I found that the only case (that I tried) where I could get 
> into trouble with line endings was as per your note of pasting in text 
> that contained CR line endings and that is an issue that might be 
> troublesome (depending on one's intentions) with many text editors.  
> I'm sure you already know that showing "hidden" characters is prudent 
> in such copying.  I also noted in my tests that such is the difference 
> between PythonIDE (uses LF)  and IDLE (uses CR), and why only a new-be 
> dummy like me would mix them.

That SubEtha preference only controls what happens when you type 
<return>. It has no affect on pasted text, as you found.

I personally consider this unacceptable for a text editor, and it is 
certainly not a "feature" of any other text editor I've ever tried. Some 
programs don't mind the mixed line endings, but others have a horrible 
time with it. For example svn can't handle commit comments with mixed 
line endings.

> TextWrangler is (to me) too much like its big brother - a do-all 
> "develop it yourself" sandbox.  Great if that's what your into, but a 
> sidetrack to me.  For the moment I'll stick with the simpler 
> SubEthaEdit which I can even use in Terminal (instead of Pico).

Most good text editors allow you to use them as a command-line editor. 
It is a very handy feature.

-- Russell

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