[Pythonmac-SIG] pyObjC and Plugins

Steve Freitas sflist at ihonk.com
Thu Mar 1 08:06:40 CET 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-28 at 22:24 -0800, Dethe Elza wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> At some point py2app went from being bundled as part of PyObjC to  
> being a separate install.  I think at that time there was a  
> requirement to uninstall the old py2app before installing the new  
> one.  I don't guarantee that is the solution to the problem you're  
> having, but it's a possibility (your problem sounds very much like  
> what I was facing, and this fixed it for me).  Instructions for  
> uninstalling (and reinstalling) py2app are here:
> http://svn.pythonmac.org/py2app/py2app/trunk/doc/ 
> index.html#uninstalling-py2app-0-2-x-or-earlier

Okay, I ignored that since I was never on 0.2 or earlier. That is, I
think I wasn't. Now I remember it being part of an pyobjc install at one
point... Okay, I'll go do that.

> Also, while it may help to remove older versions of and altgraph,  
> bdist_mpkg, macholib, modulegraph, I'm pretty sure you don't have to  
> install them explicitly.  They should come along as part of the  
> py2app install, if I recall correctly.  The link above is to the  
> py2app docs, so you should be able to find all the info there.

Perhaps another clue that something was wrong: When I did my py2app
installation from svn, it wasn't bringing the prereqs with it. I'll
check that out.

> Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the help, Dethe!


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