[Pythonmac-SIG] MacPython wiki "moved" to Python wiki - now it's your turn...

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Fri Mar 30 22:45:44 CEST 2007

skip at pobox.com wrote:
> After much wailing and gnashing of teeth the past couple of days, I managed
> to move (most of?) the content from the MacPython wiki to the main Python
> wiki (*).  All pages were created as subpages of
>     http://wiki.python.or/moin/MacPython
> The motivation for this rather hasty move was that the MacPython wiki was
> running an ancient version of MoinMoin and got spammed heavily.  Because of
> its age and vulnerability it was simply too hard to keep up with all the
> wiki spammers.  So I moved everything.
> I did very little to try and fix up link references.  Moin's subpage
> references have always befuddled me, and many of the page references were
> weirded out to begin with, so there you have it: royal link spaghetti.
> This is where you come in.  You can do any number of things to try to
> identify and fix problems:
>     * Visit http://wiki.python.org/moin/OrphanedPages and see if there are
>       any MacPython/... pages which are orphaned (hint: there are quite a
>       few).  Then see if you can find an incorrect link which should refer
>       to the orphaned page.
>     * Visit the MacPython pages.  Just do a title search for "MacPython" to
>       locate them.  Visit and clean up as appropriate.
>     * Everything got pushed down, even home pages.  One of three things can
>       reasonably be done:
>       1. Move a home page up if there isn't one at the top level.
>       2. Replace an uplevel home page with the MacPython version if the
>          latter is "better".
>       3. Merge the content from the MacPython version into the uplevel home
>          page.
>       Instead of performing #2 and #3 yourself, you might send an email to
>       the person and ask them to do the merge/replace.  In any case, this
>       operation is likely to require some link fiddling.
>     * There may also be non-homepage pages at the top level which should be
>       merged with or replaced by (or replace) the MacPython version.
>       VisualPython comes to mind.  Use your judgement
>     * There are lots of unprotected path references in the content,
>       e.g. /System/Library sitting there looking like a link when it should
>       probably be {{{/System/Library}}}.
>     * There may still be a bit of spam lurking in the pages.  I tried to
>       eliminate all the crap, but I might have missed some.
>     * Many pages could use Category references.  There are lots of pages
>       referring to scripting specific Mac applications, home pages and many
>       code samples.  Adding CategoryMac or CategoryAppScript might be
>       reasonable as well.
>     * Use your WikiImagination.  There are probably lots of other things
>       that can be done.  I think the MacPython wiki had fallen into a bit of
>       disrepair, even if you ignore the spam problem, so a little general
>       TLC would probably help.
> Skip
> (*) Thank goodness for Emacs and Mozex...
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I was just looking at the new MacPython pages at the Python wiki--it 
appears nothing has been done with them since Skip moved them over. I'm 
thinking this is a terrific opportunity to bring them up to date: would 
anyone mind if I got started? A lot of this stuff doesn't appear to have 
been touched for three or four years.

Any thoughts about what is most pressing? I have my own interests, and 
I'm not qualified to edit everything, but I'm open to suggestions.

Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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