[Pythonmac-SIG] Macintosh modules/Carbon/documentation

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Fri Mar 30 22:55:47 CEST 2007

Looking at the "Macintosh Library" documentation that ships with 2.5, I 
see a lot of outdated stuff: references to the old PythonIDE, 
PackageManager, and so on. What is the process for updating these docs, 
submitting a bug report, etc.?

Also, there appears to be a lot of modules in the "Macintosh 
Library"--Carbon modules, generally--that are undocumented, or are 
broken, or (almost as bad) no one know if they work or not. Has anyone 
gone through these to sort out what works, what should be deprecated, 
etc.? Does it make sense to deprecate the entire Carbon module? What's 
the process for this?
Kevin Walzer
Code by Kevin

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