[sapug] Question regarding Python software license

Chris Foote chris at inetd.com.au
Fri Oct 6 02:23:38 CEST 2006

On Thu, 5 Oct 2006, nepBabu.cx wrote:

> Hi list,
> Just a quick question I have.
> 1. If a person has made a software in Python, does he/she have to
> release the Python source as well ?
> 2. If the source is released, is it compulsory to allow the user of that
> source to make modifications and re-release the source (but ofcourse
> with due credits) as in GPL?

No for both - check out:
it should answer all of your questions.

There is, however, a mini-gotcha for point 1: If you're trying to sell
someone proprietary software written in Python, how might you stop
people from viewing your source code ?  Many other implementations
of languages are in a similar category.  Some developers use code
obfuscation techniques:
Implementations that use bytecode are also subject to inspection
(e.g. Java).

Of course, it's nice to be able to have non-obfuscated source so
that errors and backtraces from unhandled exceptions are easy to
debug :-)

IMHO, there are many advantages to the software buyer for gaining
access to the source code, and the right to modify it for internal use.
The Radiator radius server written in Perl is a good example, and very

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