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Nicolas Hug niourf at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 16:16:33 EDT 2019

Hi Chiara,

Thanks for giving it a shot! I think we can end-up with a nice result 
with this theme too.

Is this something you'd like to work on more seriously in the future, or 
just something to get you started on scikit-learn in general? 
(Basically, should Andy still be looking for a web-designer?)


On 8/18/19 9:43 AM, Chiara Marmo wrote:
> Dear list, dear devs,
> I have started to look at the scikit-learn documentation: talking with 
> developers in July here in Paris, it seemed that you all are concerned 
> by a reorganization / relooking of the doc and nothing is better than 
> a naïve beginner to check the effectiveness of a doc ... right? ;)
> ... and diving into the docs allows me to better familiarize with the 
> project... :)
> As CSS and HTML5 are a bit more fun than reStructuredText I've started 
> to play with styling together with the sphinx contents ... contents 
> ask for more focusing ... I will be more serious on that starting from 
> September ...
> From the styling point of view, I am a big fan of this one [1] that 
> you probably already know and I tried to apply those amazing styles to 
> sphinx documentation.
> //
> Then I saw the Andreas tweet [2] ... and decided to stop by to sum up.
> I've prepared a mock-up for the webpage available here [3].
> It's a standard build of the doc with the editorial [4] styling (basic 
> customization needs improvements). The code is available here [5].
> I've tried not to move too far from the original visual ... because 
> history is important, especially when you have one! :)
> I've focused on the homepage so don't expect big modifications in the 
> doc itself. This is just a proof of concept. If you think I'm on the 
> right track let me know... I will be happy to be useful on that.
> If not, or you already have someone taking care of that, please let me 
> know too and I will find something else to do.
> Thanks for reading me.
> Best,
> Chiara
> [1] https://html5up.net/
> [2] https://twitter.com/amuellerml/status/1161298913841885184
> [3] https://cmarmo.github.io/mockup-skl/
> [4] https://html5up.net/editorial
> [5] https://github.com/cmarmo/scikit-learn
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