[spambayes-dev] RE: Outlook release on SourceForge

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Aug 11 18:00:01 EDT 2003

>>> "Mark Hammond" wrote
> Sounds good to me - thanks!  In the meantime, I changed the link on my
> starship page to the sourceforge download URL -
> http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/spambayes/SpamBayes-Outlook-Setup-007.exe
> ?download - is there any evidence this will or will not have the same effect
> as sending then to the "file releases" page?

Geez - I had a brief look at the starship http logs, and according
to them, there's been 6400 downloads of the 006 installer in the first
9 days of August alone. If Mark can get all of those users to kick in $0 each,
then pretty soon he might fail to be very very wealthy. 

Ah well, you can always sell off the excess goodwill generated to someone
like Microsoft.


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