[spambayes-dev] Dialog Hacking

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Aug 15 15:36:27 EDT 2003

> The simple way to start here is in the "Filter" dialog, and a 
> simple checkbox in both the "Spam" and "Unsure" sections 
> saying something like "and mark the message as read".  This 
> would handle the common cases.  I'm worried about 
> overwhelming the dialogs.

Fair enough.  Those are the simpler options anyway, and probably the
more requested ones.  Given that the dialogs don't have anything at all
(IIRC) about the delete/recover buttons, there isn't a logical place for

Maybe if the advanced dialog does make a comeback (well, the button
makes a comeback, and the dialog arrives), they could slot into there?
There isn't much else to go there really (at the moment).

> yeah yeah - let's make an easter egg - i've never done that 
> :)  Sounds like more fun that sorting bug dupes :)

Of course, discussing a hidden feature in a public forum isn't the
cleverest thing ;)  You'll have to come up with something else (possibly
as well :) and let us go-a-lookin'.

=Tony Meyer

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