[spambayes-dev] Dialog Hacking

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Aug 15 15:43:45 EDT 2003

> http://meta.xenogeist.com/images/manager3.jpg

Yes, I like this a lot more now.

> > I think that the new dialogs should expose the four 'read status' 
> > options as well.
> I put two of them in the filter dialog. I missed the other 
> two (in the general section) until you said that.

See also the message from/to Mark.

> I've switched to photoshop (psd) format as all three programs 
> can read psd files. Or at least photoshop version 3 files. 

Sounds good.

> BTW, I think you mean layered not vector. Last time I tried, 
> neither photoshop nor the gimp support vector graphics, but 
> paintshop does to some extent.

Well, I don't know how you've drawn it, but I probably mean layered
vector graphics.  Layered as in the text and background are separately
editable, which is important, but even more so that the text is stored
as a vector rather than a bitmap, so that it is easily resizable (which
is the edit that I find myself needing to do most on logo-type images).

Both PSP & Gimp can do this - it's a long, long, time since I've used
Photoshop, but it presumably can too since it's meant to be the king of
such things.

=Tony Meyer

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