[spambayes-dev] FAQ Contribution

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Aug 20 14:12:09 EDT 2003

> Q: I notice the web interface rejects browser access unless 
> the browser is running on the same host. How do I enable web 
> access from other nodes on the LAN?
> A: Edit the bayescustomize.ini script. Just below the line 
> '[html_ui]', add the line 'allow_remote_connections:True'. 
> But make sure you firewall off outside access to port 8880, 
> to stop unauthorised users from messing with the web interface.

Thanks.  I've added a FAQ about this, with additional information about
the new-to-cvs ability to specify individual IP [ranges] that are
allowed access.

=Tony Meyer

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