[spambayes-dev] Fwd: [Spambayes] SpamBayes Corrupted My Profile

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 15 22:05:18 EST 2003

> Oops... forwarded the wrong message.  This is the one I was 
> thinking of.  
> This seems severe, and I've not seen this problem pop up in the list 
> before.  I don't know how to respond.

I thought the same thing, although I'm not entirely convinced that it was
the SpamBayes installer that did this.  Also, whenever I've had a corrupted
profile, I've had to dump the entire profile, which this guy obviously

Presumably rolling back the registry would fix it.  If it's actually a
problem with Outlook, not the Windows profile (which seems more likely),
then Outlook's detect and repair should fix it.

Does everything work apart from Outlook?  If so, it seems highly unlikely
that it's the Windows profile that is corrupt.  If not, what is it that

As for the instructions to install the SpamBayes Outlook plug-in:
 1. Download the installer.
 2. Double-click the installer.
 3. Go through the installer prompts.
 4. You're done.

=Tony Meyer

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