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My Tech jtech at hyperionmail.com
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Hi Guys -

Just to provide some more detail (but unfortunately I don't think it will
help solve the mystery of what happened)...

First, I ran Outlook's detect and repair.  No change.  Second, I uninstalled
and reinstalled my Office XP application (which includes Outlook).  No
change.  Third, I created a new profile in Outlook to see if that would make
a difference.  Nope.  Still no change.  Fourth, I created a new Windows
profile/user with administrative rights.  Doing this, Outlook opened without
a problem.  Didn't re-install SpamBayes for fear of making a bad problem

I can't roll back the registry because I'm running Windows 2000, not XP
(unless you know something about 2000 functionality that I don't.)  Also, I
was logged in as Administrator when I installed SpamBayes (and subsequently
encountered the Outlook problem), so I couldn't dump this profile.

Everything else seems to work fine, except for Outlook, so my first guess
was that it was an Outlook problem.  However, considering that I tried
Outllok detect & repair and then uninstalled/reinstalled Office XP with no
resulting change, I'm left to conclude that it's a Windows profile problem.

I'm really at a loss to know what to do, outside of reinstalling the OS and
all of my software (a long and tedious process that I'm not looking forward

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.


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> Oops... forwarded the wrong message.  This is the one I was
> thinking of.  
> This seems severe, and I've not seen this problem pop up in the list 
> before.  I don't know how to respond.

I thought the same thing, although I'm not entirely convinced that it was
the SpamBayes installer that did this.  Also, whenever I've had a corrupted
profile, I've had to dump the entire profile, which this guy obviously

Presumably rolling back the registry would fix it.  If it's actually a
problem with Outlook, not the Windows profile (which seems more likely),
then Outlook's detect and repair should fix it.

Does everything work apart from Outlook?  If so, it seems highly unlikely
that it's the Windows profile that is corrupt.  If not, what is it that

As for the instructions to install the SpamBayes Outlook plug-in:  1.
Download the installer.  2. Double-click the installer.  3. Go through the
installer prompts.  4. You're done.

=Tony Meyer

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