[spambayes-dev] "X-" as a prefix for experimental options

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Dec 21 23:44:58 EST 2003

> A problem I see is that the users will have no way
> of measuring any changes. The binaries don't come with
> any of the test tools, and relying on lots of people
> giving subjective results doesn't seem useful.
> I think we need some kind of better, application based testing 
> framework first.  The scripts we use now predate all of the 
> applications, and I can never remember how to run them.  If I could 
> just get a test tool to run directly over Outlook folders, we would be 
> much closer (for Outlook anyway <wink>).  This needn't be too hard
> - just abstracting the test tools a little so they allow
> sub-classes to extract the actual message streams for the
> test runs.

I've made (a very rough) start to something like this and checked it in.  If
you apply the attached patch to sb_server.py and then go to
http://localhost:8880/cv, you'll be presented with a page for running the
'timcv' test (defaults against any of the experimental/deprecated options).

It's all very rough at the moment, but I'd be interested to know if people
thought that this would be user friendly enough (for advanced users, not
everyone), or ideas about other ways to go about it.

> Ultimately, we end up with a simple way for either Outlook
> or sb_server to run tests over the training sets, and report succinct
> results.  Otherwise, I doubt anything will change in terms of the 
> number of *users* running tests (let alone developers <wink>)

I definitely agree that this is needed :)  If something like this does end
up in sb_server, then it would be extremely simple to add it to Outlook,
too.  In fact, if it was presented in a message (like "Show Clues") then the
exact html could maybe be used <wink>.

=Tony Meyer
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