[spambayes-dev] siickkk and deprrravved stufff totallly grossssse

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Dec 22 21:44:12 EST 2003

[Glenn Brown]
> I had "recovered from spam" that very message before scoring it and
> sending the output.  My intention is was to remove the message from
> the "spam" db, but I forgot it moved the message to "inbox" instead
> of "junk suspects".

Ah!  You're still well-advised to better balance your training data.  The
imbalance now is hurting you.

> I'm sure this SNAFU effectively killed this thread, but the meme is
> planted. If character repetition attacks become a problem, time will
> tell, and the solution is easy...

That can't be known without testing, a great many tokens aren't "words" at
all, and SpamBayes isn't limited to English even if they were.  IOW, it may
or may not prove an effective gimmick, but nobody can claim to know one way
or the other without testing.

There are mnay, many ohter wyas to obcsure werds t00, but they all have in
comon that they make the s p a m m e r luk like an 1d1ot, and so cut
response rate.

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