[spambayes-dev] test_storage.py failing

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Dec 29 17:21:26 EST 2003

> They were coming from the right place.  I eventually figured out that
> distutils didn't overwrite my installed copy when I tried
> installing from a
> new CVS version.
> Sorry for the false alarm.  I wonder if I should file a bug
> report against
> distutils...

I have seen similar things with distutils.  If the 'installed' file has a
later date than the file being installed, distutils decides not to install

I struck this when I modified an installed version of a file, making a quick
hack of a change for debugging.  My idea was that by changing it in the
installed copy, I wouldn't need to undo the change, and would just rely on
distutils to overwrite with the correct copy.

I went so far as stepping through distutils in a debugger before I saw that
was the intent of the code.  I agree it sucks, but it doesn't appear to be a


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