[spambayes-dev] improving dumbdbm's survival chances...

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Jul 16 12:01:07 EDT 2003

> My shortcut has this for a target: "C:\Program 
> Files\spambayes\pop3proxy.py" -D hammie.pkl
> My bayescustomize.ini looks like this:
> [Storage]
> persistent_storage_file:hammie.pkl
> persistent_use_database: False

Note that you're telling pop3proxy the same thing twice.  What happens
is that it reads the config file, says "ok, I use the hammie.pkl file,
which is a pickle" and then reads the shortcut parameters which say
"ignore the config file settings, use the pickle hammie.pkl". So this
will work, but there are unnecessary steps.

Actually, given the current discussion in another thread, I suspect that
the "-D hammie.pkl" parameter will change format in the next release, so
it's probably better to leave your config file as it is now, and change
the shortcut target back to "C:\Program Files\spambayes\pop3proxy.py"

=Tony Meyer

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