[spambayes-dev] More CVS branch/tags questions

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Wed Nov 5 08:12:26 EST 2003

>>> Richie Hindle wrote
> Re-reading Tony's mail, I should have pointed out at the time that we
> shouldn't commit edits to both places, but should use "cvs up [-j
> moving-tag] -j release_1_0" to periodically merge the bugfix branch onto
> the head.  Nuts.

Note that you can also just use cvs diff to apply the fix by hand to both
the trunk and the branch. This is likely to cause less pain, as you're
then relying on less cvs magic.

>From my recent python-dev postings about the python maintenance branch,
I'd suggest the following:

  - checkin to the trunk. If the fix is a bugfix, and suitable for the
    branch, include "bugfix candidate" in the checkin message.

  - (preferably) check your bugfix into the branch as well. I suggest
    having two checkouts, one on the branch, one on the trunk.

  - (otherwise) someone else notices that the "bugfix" needs to be
    applied to the branch as well, and does so.

I need to apply the various doc changes I made in the last couple of
days to the trunk, I will try to do so soon.

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