[spambayes-dev] More CVS branch/tags questions

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Nov 26 18:08:13 EST 2003

> [This thread seems to have died a week ago, but since I was
> away, and have
> things to say <wink>, and it doesn't seem to be resolved, I
> figured I'd
> resurrect it.  While I'm doing notes: thanks Richie, Anthony
> and Skip for
> outlining the various processes in more detail - great stuff
> for us cvs
> newbies].

That sounds great - but I am afraid I am still not sure what the resolution

My specific issue is that the branch does not include patches needed run
effectively on Windows (notably, the patches made to the server, service,
and tray to ensure only one instance is running, and to ensure the tray
handles the service correctly.

So, as far as I can tell, the trunk has what we want to release as a "stand
alone" sb_server, but the trunk includes what I want to release for a
Windows binary.

So I find myself unable to move on the Windows binary, but not understanding
what has happened well enough to fix things.

Should we abandon the branch, merging everything back to the trunk?  I don't
see the branch is offering us any value, firstly as it is now very old, and
secondly as the trunk doesn't seem to have had any changes that truly should
be post 1.0 - unless we don't count a Windows binary in 1.0.

I will start moving on the binary again as soon as someone can help me
resolve this.  In the meantime it looks like resolving 355 bugs as
duplicates <wink/frown>


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