[spambayes-dev] About Bug 814322

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Oct 2 02:16:17 EDT 2003

> Basically the review page would die if one of the cached messages was 
> moved from the cache directory by someone other than spambayes (for 
> example a virus protection program).

> It is possible that this error can be caused by the fact that 
> spambayes is not able to separate the mime part of a message (to 
> generate file 123456 and 123456-1)

> No, that's not what those hyphenated filenames are about.  
> The filenames are the timestamp - measured in seconds - of 
> when the message was received, and hyphenated filenames are 
> used when more than one message is received in a given 
> second.  No parsing of MIME happens at this level.

Which still leaves the question of why people see the "hdrtxt" error if
it's not because of this (this was definitely one cause).  If the hdrtxt
attribute is asked for, then the load() is called, load calls
SetSubstance(), which sets hdrtxt.  So it's failing in the load,

Whatever the reason, note that cvs head doesn't have the symptom,
because there is no hdrtxt attribute ever - the Corpus.Message class was
subsumed into the message.Message class, and the hdrtxt stuff was no
longer necessary.  This doesn't mean that the message is fixed (although
it may have been), just that it will show up differently.

=Tony Meyer

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