[spambayes-dev] EEEK - no gencache .dat file!

JD Brennan jd at fandle.com
Fri Oct 10 00:26:53 EDT 2003

I'm trying to build the spambayes Outlook plugin
and crank.py reports:

Can't list H:\dev\spambayes\Outlook2000\installer\dist\support\gen_py
EEEK - no gencache .dat file!

The warnspambayes_addin.txt file starts with:

W: no module named win32com.client.constants (top-level import by addin)
W: no module named gdbm (top-level import by anydbm)

The McMillan installer docs seem to indicate that top-level imports
that fail are bad.

Windows 2000 SP2
Python 2.3.2
win32all 157
Inno Setup 4.0.8

I noticed that crank.py did create the spambayes_addin.dll,
but if I register that, when I start Outlook I get this
in the spambayes1.log file:

ImportError: No module named win32com.server.util

Looks like I didn't get win32all installed correctly.

I had previously installed 0.81 and it was working
great.  Maybe I have some version mismatch problems
now or something?

Any ideas?

Here's the full error from spambayes1.log file:

Loaded bayes database from 'C:\Documents and Settings\brennan.RN\Application
Loaded message database from 'C:\Documents and Settings\brennan.RN\Application
Bayes database initialized with 34 spam and 95 good messages
SpamBayes Outlook Addin, Binary version 0.81 (September 9, 2003) starting (with
engine SpamBayes Beta2, version 0.2 (July 2003))
on Windows 5.0.2195 (Service Pack 2)
using Python 2.3.2 (#49, Oct  2 2003, 20:02:00) [MSC v.1200 32 bit (Intel)]
ERROR: 'There was an error initializing the Spam plugin.\r\n\r\nSpam filtering
has been disabled.  Please re-configure\r\nand re-enable this
plugin\r\n\r\nError details:\r\nCould not watch the specified folders'
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 1273, in FiltersChanged
line 1284, in UpdateFolderHooks
line 1312, in _HookFolderEvents
line 266, in DispatchWithEvents
line 40, in __init__
  File "h:\download\Installer\iu.py", line 299, in importHook
    raise ImportError, "No module named %s" % fqname
ImportError: No module named win32com.server.util

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