[spambayes-dev] Changes to website build process

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Oct 27 23:58:26 EST 2003

Hi all,
  I've restructured the makefiles for the website a fair bit.  The aim was
to build the new:


Using an "FAQ style" .txt file, just like the FAQ itself.  It all seems to
work OK, but I may have missed something.

One thing worth noting is that I changed 'rsync' to use './*' instead of
'./'.  This is a subtle change, but according to the rsync docs can be
significant.  I made the change to work on Windows.

I'm a little confused by the rsync scripts though - rsync uses the '-r'
command, meaning it should recurse.  However, the makefiles are setup to run
rsync once per directory.  I thought a nice feature of rsync was the ability
to run it once at the top-level, and let it recurse.  However, it doesn't
seem to.  Does anyone understand this stuff?



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