[spambayes-dev] 1.0a5 Release

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Sep 2 12:50:54 EDT 2003

> I think we may be ready for 1.0a5 - does anybody have 
> anything they'd like to shoe-horn in before I go ahead?

Not here.  I even managed to get those bugs that I thought I was going
to have to ignore.

> I'll build a 1.0a5rc1 first, and if I could have some 
> volunteers to test it (or at least smoke-test it) that would 
> be lovely.

You can send one this way.

> It looks as though enough last-minute jobs have cropped up to 
> push this release out to Spambayes' birthday (4th 
> September)... what kind of cake should we get?  8-)

You could share yours, couldn't you? <wink>

> Is everyone in favour of immediately releasing 1.0a6, 
> including the Grand Script Renaming, the Grand Removal Of Old 
> Config Names, and Nothing Else?

+1 here, obviously.  I can do this if you like.

> Do we have a plan about what 
> the new script names should be??

This is what was proposed - anyone want any changes?

    Tony> i.e. we create a scripts directory and move into it:
    Tony> dbExpImp.py     renamed to  sb-dbExpImp.py

Should this be sb-dbexpimp.py?  All the rest are lower case.

    Tony> hammiecli.py    renamed to  sb-client.py
    Tony> hammiesrv.py    renamed to  sb-server.py
    Tony> imapfilter.py   renamed to  sb-imapfilter.py
    Tony> mboxtrain.py    renamed to  sb-mboxtrain.py
    Tony> notesfilter.py  renamed to  sb-notesfilter.py
    Tony> pop3proxy.py    renamed to  sb-pop3proxy.py
    Tony> smtpproxy.py    renamed to  sb-smtpproxy.py
    Tony> unheader.py     renamed to  sb-unheader.py

       hammiefilter.py    renamed to sb-?

"""hammiefilter reads a message from stdin and writes a message to
stdout with the X-Spambayes-* header(s)."""

       mailsort.py        renamed to sb-?
       proxy-tee.py       renamed to sb-?
       hammie.py          deleted (it's been deprecated for a while,
       testtools/pop3proxytest.py   renamed to

Plus I'll rename the overkill :) script to sb-pop3dnd.py, because that's
the best I've come up with.  (dnd = drag'n'drop, as it allows
drag'n'drop training with POP3 mail).

=Tony Meyer

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