[spambayes-dev] FW: Web Site

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Wed Sep 10 14:11:20 EDT 2003

[Romain Guy]

> In fact, I was thinking to propose to do a new design to make
> a more attractive web site. I've made several web sites already
> (http://www.jext.org or http://progx.jext.org are some examples)
> and came to create a lite "web site engine" (which is behind the
> two URLs I quoted).

> This PHP engine is small, offers standard features (news,
> administrators and picture galleries) and is based upon XML/XSLT
> for many things. SourceForge hosting does not allow the use of
> XML/XSLT but there is a simple workaround : just visit the web
> site on your localhost and every page will be generated in a cache.
> You then simply have to upload the HTML files. That's what I've done
for www.jext.org.

> This allows to easily update the web site by modifying simple and
> clear XML files rather than overloaded HTML docs. Thus, the menu,
> the downloads page, etc. on progx.jext.org are XML generated. The
> capacities of the engine would be downscaled to match SpamBayes
> needs (no photo galleries I guess :-).

> Using this lite engine would require a quite small amount of work :
> only a new design (basically a new CSS and a few new pictures - 
> latest versions of the engines offer a skinning capacity). It could
> be done in one day. I invite you to crawl on progx.jext.org a bit.
> The source code of the web site is also accessible through a CVS
> if you want to look at it.

> Thanks,

> P.S : please feel free to forward this to any person which could be
interested in this

[Josh Gass]
[plus an earlier email offering to help out with web design]
> If you are going for a really simple more notepad style approach
> for the site then the design you have now is great.  I just thought
> that it was more there just to be up.

I'm completely on the fence with this one, but I imagine that other
developers aren't, so a discussion on spambayes-dev is the best idea.
Do people:
  (a) like the current design
  (b) want a new design, but not radically different
  (c) want a radically different design?

I would suggest, though, that anyone interested in doing a redesign take
a look at the existing tools.  The website isn't done with html, it's
done with .ht files (plus a text file for the faq), and converted to
html via ht2html.  I would imagine that a Python program would be
preferable to a PHP one.

=Tony Meyer

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