[spambayes-dev] dump db version in db['saved state']?

Rob Hooft rob at hooft.net
Sat Sep 27 02:06:15 EDT 2003

Skip Montanaro wrote:
> I've been messing around a lot manipulating training databases.  I always
> wind up special-casing db["saved state"] because it's a three-element tuple
> (version, spamcount, hamcount), while all the token keys are two-element
> tuples.  
> Has the version ever changed?  Do we expect it to change?  If not, can we
> get rid of it?  That way, anything which loops over a database won't need to
> worry about the 'saved state' key, at least not nearly as often.

We can change the format, just get rid of the version number and then 
increment it..... :-)

And now for something completely different: I just checked the "double 
slash" in the gandi redirect for spambayes.org is gone now since I 
reconfigured it yesterday.


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