[spambayes-dev] various Outlook version and RFC2822 compliance

Seth Goodman sethg at GoodmanAssociates.com
Sun Apr 11 00:05:47 EDT 2004

I have heard before that certain types of checks, such as the name of file
attachments, are not possible in the Outlook plug-in since the data format
used was pre-RFC2822 and Outlook, in fact, destroys some of the MIME
structure necessary to see these things.  I have also heard that later
versions of Outlook are more RFC2822 compliant.  I have a few questions here
that have probably been discussed among the developers already.

1) How RFC2822 compliant is the stored message format in the various
versions of Outlook subsequent to Outlook2000?  Without even looking at the
code I can tell that Outlook2000 is not compliant due to the total absence
of a References: header, which causes many people real problems who view
mailing lists by conversation thread.

2) If the later versions of Outlook are more (or perhaps even fully?)
RFC2822 compliant, would it be possible to detect the Outlook version and
enable generating the additional tokens that are available with the web

I realize this is not a simple matter.  I was just wondering how far we are
from a more unified code base.


Seth Goodman

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