[spambayes-dev] Compatibility with Norton Antivirus

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Apr 11 18:58:30 EDT 2004

    Lou> I have installed Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) to secure my incoming
    Lou> email. As I understand things, it has a POP3 Proxy that sits
    Lou> between the ISP mail server and my MS Outlook 2000.

    Lou> Q: Will the SpamBayes' POP3 proxy replace or interfere with NAV?

If you configure things correctly, it should work just fine.  Your setup
might look like this:

    real         Spambayes        NAV              Your
    POP3   <---> POP3 proxy <---> POP3 proxy <---> email
    server       server           server           client

Let's pick some hypothetical names.  Your machine is "localhost".  Your real
POP3 server is mail.myisp.com.  Configure Spambayes to get mail from
mail.myisp.com on port 110 and listen to port 110 on localhost.  Configure
NAV's proxy server to get mail from Spambayes on port 110 of localhost and
listen to port 1110 on localhost.  Configure your email client to get mail
from port 1110 on localhost.

The reason I suggest placing Spambayes ahead of NAV is that we've seen
situations where NAV popped up a dialog box seeking input from the user
which the user apparently didn't see (maybe it didn't get raised to the top
of the stack of windows).  If NAV is upstream from Spambayes everything
grinds to a halt and it looks like Spambayes has hung.  By placing Spambayes
between the real POP3 server and NAV at least its web interface should still
be responsive.

Maybe it's a useless distinction.  It should work either way.  You might
have to configure things so NAV comes first if it can't connect to localhost
on a port other than 110.


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