[spambayes-dev] RE: 1.0b1 Release candidates

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 12 09:06:26 EDT 2004

Tony Meyer wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the typelibs for office 2000 are hard-coded in
>> a couple of spots.  I fear that upgrading these to later
>> typelibs will prevent SpamBayes working at all for the older
>> users.  No time to, or easy way to look at this particular problem.
> In my local copies, I've changed the hard-coded codes to match the
> ones I generate.  I suspect that you're right, since it didn't appear
> that my binary built worked for Amir.  I have access to OL2K and
> OL2k2, so I could play around with this at some point, but there
> doesn't seem to be much of a need for it right now.  (i.e for as long
> as you're willing to be the plug-in builder).

On my system, I just grabbed copies of MSO9.DLL and MSOUTL9.OLB from an
old installation of Outlook 2K and registered them with regsvr32 on my
Outlook 2003 system.  That installed the two type libraries that
SpamBayes is looking for.  Now everything builds without errors and
creates the right genpy interface GUIDs when I run py2exe.  Haven't
actually installed and run the binary on an OL2K system to verify
operation, though.

Kenny Pitt

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