[spambayes-dev] FW: Overnight shipping on xãnax,valíum and more

Glenn Brown gbrown at alumni.caltech.edu
Mon Apr 19 12:42:36 EDT 2004

Dear spambayes-dev:
Even when forwarded to myself, the Spambayes' Outlook plugin will not score
this message, delete it as spam, or show spam clues.  I've tried versions
0.80 and 1.0b1, and both have the same problem.  In 6 months, I've only seen
this one other time, which was yesterday, so I'm suspecting a new attack
triggering an internal Spambayes failure.  I have no clue how they might be
doing this, but I bet you will find the problem intriquing.
I apologize for forwarding HTML email to this list, but I doubt plain text
will trigger the bug...
I'm going to be really embarrased if the forwarded message does not exibit
the same behaviour, but tests on my system assure me that it will, and if it
doesn't, your spam filter should prevent you from seeing this message. ;)  I
have not been able to rule out some problem specific to my system (like
maybe some database scalability limit, after ~24000 spam messages) because I
don't know any Spambayes users I can forward this to, other then you.

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