RE: [spambayes-dev] FW: Overnight shipping on xãnax,valíum and more

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue Apr 20 19:18:03 EDT 2004

>> Even when forwarded to myself, the Spambayes' Outlook plugin will not
>> score this message, delete it as spam, or show spam clues.  I've
>> tried versions 0.80 and 1.0b1,

When you say not delete or show spam clues, what exactly happens?  Do you
get a message that no filterable items are selected?

> This message scored fine on my SpamBayes, and produced a
> spam score of 0.7% thanks to the wonders of SpamBayes mailing
> list ham clues.  I'm running from latest CVS source, which

The problem could be in the mail as received by Glenn, but once forward on,
it again works (as Outlook inserts what is missing).  ie, the function
IsFilterCandidate() in is telling us not to filter the message.

Glenn - if you can work out how, can you see if you can get "dump_props.exe"
to find the message.  It should be a matter of opening a command-prompt,

dump_props.exe Overnight shipping > dump.txt

and hopefully dump.txt will be created with information on all messages in
your inbox with "Overnight shipping" in the subject.  If you can get the
information on the message out, please open a bug at sourceforge, assigning
it to me, and attaching the output.



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