[spambayes-dev] SpamBayes server compliant w/ spamassassin

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sat Apr 24 17:38:21 EDT 2004

    jkx> spamassassin can run as a daemon for a large scale network
    jkx> (spamd). To use the spamd spassassin provide a short piece of C
    jkx> code written to be really efficient to make the glue between MTA
    jkx> and spamd.

    jkx> SpamBayes (which is my preferred spam filtering) don't provide this
    jkx> kind of stuff. It came w/ some python xmlrpc client server, but
    jkx> forking a python for each incomming mail eat too much cpu on linux
    jkx> box.

    jkx> So this piece of code is a fake spamassassin server that use a
    jkx> spambayes for filtering.

Take a look at sb_bnfilter.py.  It's like spamc/spamd only better.  The
daemon (sb_bnserver.py) is forked automatically and quietly exits after a
few seconds of idle time.

sb_bnfilter.py has only recently been added to the Spambayes CVS repository.
In the latest distribution I think it still turns up in the contrib
directory, but I moved it to the scripts directory a week or two ago, so it
should get installed by default when the next distribution is released.


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