[spambayes-dev] Access rights for spambayes outlook plugin

Hartmann, Gunther G.Hartmann at kamax.de
Fri Apr 30 04:30:22 EDT 2004

Dear All,

I have scanned all the FAQ for my problem but couldn't find any hint, so I
try this way.

I would like to have my Inbox scanned by a collegue's spambayes while I am
out of office. We are running Outlook 2000 against an exchange server and my
collegue openes my inbox during startup of his outlook. 

However he can't select my inbox in the spambayes managers folder selection
box. It is displayed and one can select the checkbox but the message at the
bottom doesn't reflect this additional selection and stays with '1 folder
selected'. Clicking on OK doesn't select this additional inbox either.

If I configure the spambayes .ini-File by adding a second inbox-identifier
it refuses to start spambayes and the log file reads 'access refused'.

So my question is: what access rights do I need pass to my collegue on what?
I tried the highest possible one (which is 8) on both my mailbox AND the
inbox folder - but it didn't work. 

Any hints?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards / Saludos
Gunther Hartmann
Dr. Gunther Hartmann
Director R&D
Tel: +49 6633 79 162
Fax +49 6633 79 6162
mailto:g.hartmann at kamax.de

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