[spambayes-dev] require subscription?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Dec 7 05:01:39 CET 2004

    >> ... http://mail.python.org/mailman/admindb/python-mode \
    >> http://mail.python.org/mailman/admindb/pydotorg \
    >> http://mail.python.org/mailman/admindb/python-dev \
    >> http://mail.python.org/mailman/admindb/python-help \
    >> http://mail.python.org/mailman/admindb/pythonmac-sig \
    >> http://manatee.mojam.com/mailman/admindb/csv ;

    Tim> Skip, AFAIK, none of those lists are configured to hold all
    Tim> non-member posts for review.  RIght?

Actually, all but python-help currently hold non-member posts for review.
It's generally not too bad if there are two or more people moderating a
list.  The only two of the above that get a lot of crap are python-help and
pythonmac-sig.  Are we going to put spambayes itself in front of
spambayes at python.org?  That will trim much of the cruft.

    Tim> ... uncounted thousands of non-members have legit reasons to post
    Tim> to the SB user list.

I think they've have to learn a little patience, just like the rest of us.
If that's not deemed reasonable, I vote for the status quo.


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