[spambayes-dev] Translation to Spanish

Mike Gerber mgerber at leitwerk.de
Tue Dec 21 14:26:08 CET 2004


> Hello I'm not a programmer but I can help to translate the software to
> spanish; I have many people asking for a good AntiSpam Outlook plug-in ...
> Someone can help me to mantain a Spanish version for this great program ??

And we would like to contribute support for German. I had a (brief)
look at the source code of the plugin and it seems there's much/all
of the text hardcoded. 

So the first would be to introduce gettext or a similiar mechanism 
(haven't looked at Python i18n yet) - I could help doing that, what
do the developers think?

Mike Gerber                             
Management Internet/Security Development

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