[spambayes-dev] RE: [Spambayes] Delete As Spam - Doesn't always work

Geoff Campbell geoff at controlg.com
Mon Feb 23 11:27:39 EST 2004

Tim -

Another try to forward - I'm forwarding the "sent" item (which shows the
two attachments).

Maybe it's more of an "outlook" problem!

Thanks - Geoff

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Does this log file ring bells with anyone?  I haven't seen errors coming
out of GetHTMLFromRTFProperty before.

Geoff, you may have intended to attach the email message you couldn't
delete as spam, but no such attachment arrived -- just the log file.

[fwd'ed with permission]

[Geoff Campbell]
> Hi Tim -
> Attached is the latest log file (only one I could find), and also the 
> email message that I couldn't "Delete as Spam".  In trying to solve 
> the problem, I upgraded to the latest SpamBayes version - that may 
> have wiped out the log of when the message originally came in.
> Anyway, thanks for you help.
> Geoff Campbell
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> [Geoff Campbell]
>> Sometimes (very rarely) when I select an obvious spam message and 
>> "click" on "Delete As Spam", nothing happens.  It seems that the 
>> message is "SpamBayes proof"!  This happens once every several days, 
>> but I can't see a pattern.  Using Outlook 2002 (SP-1).  Would be 
>> happy
>> to send you a representative email.

> That would be good.  There's probably a helpful (to us <wink>) message

> in your SpamBayes log file whenever this happens.  A real problem is 
> that Outlook destroys the exact structure of incoming email, so you 
> may not actually be able to give anyone else an email that reproduces 
> the problem. When "nothing happens" in an otherwise-working SpamBayes,

> the usual cause is that the email is so badly formed (violates so many

> standards about how email *should* be constructed) that the SpamBayes 
> email parser gives up trying to make any sense of it.  If that's 
> what's happening, you will find helpful (to us) information in your 
> SpamBayes log file.

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